Web have listed below the list of most common questions you might have for web, mobile app development or Digital marketing. If you have something which still wish to get more information for, then feel free to contact us.

General & Payment Queries

Yes, Our services and support team are available 24/6 without any holidays throughout the year. If there are any festivals then it will be brought in your attention well before.
You can receive the Non-Disclosure Agreement signed by StrivEdge Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. We understand the confidentially requirement and therefore on request, we don’t disclose the work done by us on your project when we sign NDA.
We do provide custom modifications for projects and also undertake unfinished project for pending completion.
We always keep the backup for the all the client’s project files for 30 days after which if we need to keep a backup then it has to be discussed and our team should be made aware of the same.
Yes, we provide the partnership programs to the freelancers, enterprises and companies. For more information on same, contact us with proposal at info@strivedge.com.
Yes, we offer discounts for projects which will long more than 6 months. Request for discount can be made from the “Chat” available at the website or contact us at info@StrivEdge.com before making the payment.
We have a large in-house team at StrivEdge’s, that possess capability and expertise to deliver from 20 to 50 projects at a time without any compromise in quality of work being delivered.
To ensure flawless process, all work updates will be received from the StrivEdge’s support team. After getting filled up questionnaire, project is initiated and processed onwards. We assure quality deliverance at each step.
We accept payments via Bank Transfer, Paypal, Transferwise, etc. If there is any other preferred mode then please discuss with our team.
you dont need to make 100% advance payment, instead you will need to make an advance amount for one milestone and payment will be divided based on the milestones decided mutually.

Website Designing Queries

After getting filled up questionnaire specifying requirement of logo, images and content, website designing is processed starting from wireframe modelling to PSD designing that is 100% uniquely customized or if you specify to have theme modified, then it will be taken care of, accordingly. After thorough quality testing and the approval for the design from the client, front-end coding for the website is carried out. Final files provided will be the HTML coded website and designed PSD. In case images are not provided, we find the royalty-free stock images.
We provide by default 3 rounds of revision. We offer 30 day support to all websites for fixing any queries.
Client has to provide font, video or any other thing need to be embedded for the website along with the PSD. We provide conversion solutions from JPG, AI and other format files, to HTML. For Responsive design, we ask for specification describing the required functionalities.
We deliver all the website that are W3C validated with semantic coding supporting the last three versions of all the browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome. However for the IE10 or IE11 support, specific request has to be placed. Charges will be levied on basis of complexity involved.
With the application of compression techniques in all the files and lighter website coding, we ensure that website is loaded in the minimal required time.
All the website designs are thoroughly tested on all the Mobile systems and Tablet Operating systems along with the MAC, Windows and Linux Operating systems for best results.
A responsive website design is flexible and adapts itself according to the device in which it is opened, be it desktop screen or a tablet or even mobile. For the better user experience, we have developed layout in the flexible style that supports all resolutions ranging from large desktop monitor to the small screen size of 320px. If responsive design with fixed style of devices is required, specification of same is to be made in initial project form.
We test screen reader compatibility on the JAWS and WebbIE screen reader. Requirement of screen reader compatibility is to be made in initial project form itself.
It can take from 3 days to 4 weeks , it varies basically depending upon the requirement of the project and other factors. We communicate the required estimated time and assure project completion at earliest, be it simple, corporate or creative project.

Website, CMS and Enterprise Development Queries

We develop website on the core programming languages such as PHP, Python and Ruby on Rails.
We provide the intermediate level of security measures to all the website that we code. Security level depends type of hosting purchased and many other factors. Details of security requirement can be conveyed through “Chat” available at the “Dashboard” in the Work Portal or at info@StrivEdge.com. All our programmers are trained and certified professionals having atleast experience of 3 years or more.
We can integrate and modify any major or minor CMS or E-commerce platforms developed using PHP, Laravel, Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento, Wordpress. We provide troubleshooting for errors, migration, upgradation, design integration and customization in WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, Smarty, Concrete5 and many more. To find out more drop us a line and we will be happy to assist.
We integrate to the latest version of the CMS available on the day of project implementation. Specific version requirements to be mentioned in project form.
We offer high-end security in enterprise development. In this category of Service, required Web or Network based applications are developed from its basic root level to the finished stage. Along with this, a security and quality analyst is provided to assure that project is developed as per the scheduled timeline and on high quality level. A team of experienced professional having expertise of their respective programming language more than 6 years.
Yes, modifications mentioned initial form and considered by us and modification of minor nature will be implemented without any additional charges. If any modifications other than mentioned in initial form or any other major changes are to be effected, then charges will be levied on hourly or monthly basis whichever is applicable.
We do provide the support and training on all the projects developed by us whether it is an CMS, Web Portal, CRM or any kind of Enterprise Development that require training and guidance. Post support up to 15 days will be provided on Website and CMS development services and of 30 days on Enterprise development services.
Completion time varies depending upon the nature of the development in the project. We are always happy to provide the estimated time taken after receiving your requirement.

Web Security Queries

People with the malicious intention use the vulnerabilities (i.e. loopholes) which allows to have higher access on any website and control like super user, administrator or I.T. professional for your website or network and try to destroy, modify, leak or damage your reputation by harming your website or company’s network. Vulnerability Assessment is examination of the vulnerabilities being present and penetration testing is the way to find how vulnerabilities can be exploited and utilized to do unauthorized modifications in your security network.
Security Tests will be performed depending upon the project scope. Tests are usually performed on website, or on any application or private network using security tools and operating systems remotely.
To facilitate client with our Web security service, our team requires authorization of website credentials. And for Network VA/PT security service, network authorization is required. Generally it, depends upon the type of security opted by the client.
Time taken on Web Security Test depends on client’s requirement and type of client’s web environment. Our Testers work to find out (if any) serious, exploitable issues or any obscure anomaly in a particular web page. Client is updated about test progress on regular intervals. Client is alerted immediately if any high-risk issues, affecting project’s security are detected.
Our Researchers will fix security vulnerabilities, if the client has opted for enterprise development services or web development services with web security package.
Our team uses both manual and automated testing to ensure zero vulnerability with the help of industries best tools for the security assessment.
Our Security Testing methodologies have been specifically crafted so that network operations are least affected. Operations in the network may only be denied, if client specifically get requests of Denial of Service attacks.
A Web Security Assessment report contains overview of the system, highlights of all important findings, reasons of vulnerabilities and remedies. It contains detailed technical overview of the activities to provide insight into testing process and helps your development time to fix vulnerabilities.
Our team assures of level best security against almost all the vulnerabilities mentioned in OWSAP upto the date of service provision. Web/ Application/ Network security should be audited on regular intervals to secure it against rapidly increasing vulnerabilities discovered by hackers finding numerous ways to destroy the web security across the globe. Our team may not guarantee of any unsecure modifications in hosting server or website development changes affected by client after service provision.

Mobile Apps Development Queries

Depending on your requirement mobile apps are designed using the Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. We start with by making wireframe and followed by its PSD or AI designing as per the requirement. We design apps for both Mobile of all sizes from 320px to large screen sizes tablet.
We can develop the apps for the iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry.
Yes. However, Our Team requires PSD,XD or AI files in which the app screens are being designed.
Yes, we can troubleshoot the errors in existing Mobile app. Client has to provide the source files and external libraries.
Mobile apps are designed and functional for both Landscape and portrait orientation modes. We n
Games in app are developed using the Cocos 2D, Unity 3D, Box 2D, unreal, cry engine. and many other such 2D and 3D Game environments.
Depending upon the guidelines and time required, our team will help to get your Mobile app live to the respective Mobile App Market.
Generally time for app development depends required Design and functions. Our team has a record of completing projects on time.

Branding Assets Creation Queries

All the logo’s made by us are in the Adobe Illustrator file with four options. Apart from that, if you wish we can design your logo in the Adobe Photoshop. Final files will be delivered as AI or PSD, PNG, EPS and JPG.
Yes, you possess all the rights and designs once made are never reproduced and are 100% unique.
We deliver them within 24 - 48 hours for a single order and for bulk order it depends on the services being taken. Also the current job queue varies so please confirm with our team about the delivery of your project.
We provide 3 revisions without any cost.
No, we don’t provide the printing services for the assets created for your brand.
We made them all design in the Adobe Photoshop only. For the business card there is an exception, we can deliver in vector using Adobe Illustrator.
Yes, we can do that for you. Please describe in detail the way you are looking for the redesign or take inspiration from the designs you like.
Depending on the creativity level needed by you, time may vary. But, we generally deliver your branding assets within 1-2 days.

Online Marketing Queries

Internet has opened up a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities. The opportunity to cover online market is huge.
With the SEO or SMO at newer website needs time upto 5-6 months depending upon the competitiveness of the key words and for the website hits by the Google’s algorithmic update can be said after the analysis.
SEO service includes entire on-page and off-page optimization of Website. In a way, we offer principled Search Engine Optimization for your Website.
SMO service includes complete social media, Brand Management from profile set-up to creating new business opportunities and brand awareness. SMO service will also include creating new business opportunities through social media.
Our Team manages successful campaigning of your Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing Ads,Google Adwords and DoubleClick Advertising platforms.
It is recommended to have Landing Page designed for SEM, however in case of SEO and SMO, it depends on client’s preference. Request for designing of landing page can be made via “Chat” available at the website or at info@StrivEdge.com.
Yes, we do provide the entire report that what our professionals are doing for your website with detailed analysis of each and every step being taken.

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