Thepuzzzle.com is an online social media gaming platform that guides the user through an online journey through the arena known as the puzzle. There are 3 main groups Pain, Wisdom, and Unity.



There are different feeds, main feed, and group-wise feed,where users can share their thoughts and achievements.Users can also challenge other users to play a game and win or lost life coins. There is also Journey mode, users can travel through pages, play games, win/lose coins and be the owner of the lands.

  • Free signup, spin the wheel,and earn free coins.
  • Join any group, and share thoughts and activities.
  • Create puzzles and challenge users.
  • Claim and Jury system, to decide the right winner
  • Journey mode, play games,win and be the owner of the page.
  • InApp purchase, if lacking with coins to participate.
  • Redeem to cash based on earned coins.

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