About Cheerio App

With Cheerio, users can play games on a video call or chat with existing friends and connect with new people. Once take a personality test and share your interests, app will create an immersive experience for users, over voice,video,and chat. Games such as Never Have I Ever, Trivia, Heads Up,and Would you rather, get you social in no time.


Cheerio App

Free Cheerio credits, to start with and engage in conversations with people. Rewarded with more and more credits that can be redeemed for Amazon and Swiggy coupons, as well as cash backs.

  • Social partying app to connect with friends and new people.
  • Discover people with common interests, locations, and personalities
  • Games that engage users and make conversations icebreakers.
  • Twillio integration to send and receive text messages.
  • Agora integration, to provide voice and video call support
  • Rewards, Amazon and as well cash-backs.

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